Our Team

Our Team

Merry Trucksis

Direct Line: 1.831.647.8100 ext#1
Email: merry@trucksis.com

Trucksis Enterprises began in 1980. After 35 years of working for someone else in the textile industry, John L. Trucksis founded Trucksis Enterprises in Chicago Illinois.

After the sudden passing of John Trucksis shortly after opening the business, Merry decided to keep his vision and memory alive. Over a few short years of visiting her dads customers who taught her everything about the manufacturing and design aspects to the customer service side of the business, Merry moved the business out west. While operating in Lake Tahoe her connections led her to the Olympic committee in which Merry successfully was awarded the custom flags skiing division for the 1986 Winter Olympics.  It was at that point in her career, she knew she could relocate the business to a larger city and flourish.   In 1987, after visiting several cities in California, Merry settled on the Monterey Peninsula. Each year the business grew on average 27% with clients ranging from United States to South Africa. With that growth Merry became increasingly aware about carbon footprint in her industry. In 2005 Merry was an integral force in California for visiting and phoning manufacturers, about the urgency to create LEED certified promotional and signage materials. In 2007 Trucksis became the first certified Green Eco/Bio Flag and banner business in Monterey. To this day, Trucksis maintains it’s Green Certification.

Merry’s hard work ethics and personal commitment to exceeding her client’s expectations is well-known. Over the years, people from all over the world have been able to see the work Trucksis provides to support local economy and the environment.

Marek T. Piecyk

Senior Creative Developer/Designer & Videographer/Photographer
Direct Line: 1.831.647.8100 ext#2
Email: marek@trucksis.com

Currently in his 19th year working with digital graphics, Marek Piecyk has touched many different areas within the design/advertising field. He has experience in working with magazine publications, marketing & advertising agencies, school educational production/development, photography, video production (pre/production/post), business identity development, electronic hardware advertising, pre-press optimization, web development, graphic design, mobile digital publication development, mobile video optimization, and much more.

Marek always keeps learning the latest tools of the trade, and thus makes sure to get adequate time in using the latest software to keep up with the newest features to make workflow more efficient. Professional development has always been very high on his list of things to maintain within this industry; things change quite fast with the speed of technology in this day and age.