TEI takes pride in giving back to its community. We support many local businesses, schools and non-profit organizations with our productions and services.

“It’s been wonderful to work with you after all of these years!”– Seaberry J. Nachbar, NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries / Ocean Guardian School Program Director

“If you heard ooohs! and aaahs! coming from the Carmel area, it was about the Centennial Banners. They were Fantastic!! I felt like I did when I was working in San Francisco and we were building the Giants Ball Park (At&t Park) and we knew that we were doing something special. I think when everyone sees these banners, they’re going to totally be stunned by what they see. They are that awesome. It certainly shows when you take the time to do something right and then hire professionals like you and Marek, you really see the difference.”
– Tim Blomgren City of Carmel by-the-Sea Harrison Memorial Library Board of Trustees

“We would like to thank you for your generous support and donation to our non-for-profit event. We believe that through backing from professional organizations such as yours, we were successful in encouraging families to participate in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including personal preparedness.”
– Mike Niccum Pebble Beach Community Services District, General Manager

“Merry, what incredible foresight whomever named you had, as your letter conjured such merriment in my heart. Though surrounded by total devastation, I am amazed by the compassion and kindness of strangers. Your offer to provide a banner of any size to say “Open Again!” and a new permanent sign with my business name as part of your “pay it forward” program is very welcome. I can’t wait to tell my building mates of your generosity. Thank you.”

Follow up:
“All of us here want to thank all of you for this wonderful gesture and hard work to make this sign. The first time I saw “We’re Back!” a huge grin came across my face and a lump into my throat. My buddies at the gas station and the hardware store are thrilled with their “We’re Back!” banners too.”
– Ed Levy, DDS – New Orleans, Lousiana